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What is Social Media Marketing?

Social media is the fastest growing trend in the history of the world. It has forever changed the way we communicate with each other. This digital marketing strategy involves publishing strong visual content on your social media profiles, listening to and engaging with your audience. There are two components of Social Media Marketing that we offer our clients:

Organic social media- Let’s start with definitions. What is organic reach? It, basically, indicates how many social media users see your posts naturally.

Paid social media marketing, on the other hand, allows you pay to get in front of your exact demographic. The cost of social media advertising is typically much more affordable than other types of paid advertising such as PPC.

the Value of Social Media Marketing

Social media is an essential piece of your business marketing strategy. Paid Advertising on social media gives your brand instant visibility in front of your exact target demographic.

For example, we can target customers by factors like age, location, education level, job title, interests, hobbies, pages they have liked, even predictive user behaviors. Our team is skilled at designing the ultimate content strategy to help you get in front of your perfect customer.

Things to Consider During A Social Media Campaign

Social Media is a form of disruptive advertising, they weren’t necessarily looking for you in the moment, and often people have to see your content several times before taking the intended action. The best way to ensure relevance in your advertising is to understand the audience that you intend to reach. It’s important to work with an agency that takes the time to understand your desired audience, industry, and overall goals.


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